Sunday, 27 April 2014

First Haul.

When I first found the internet and online fashion stores, I knew it was true love. when I have free time all i  do is surfing the internet, looking for my next purchase, either it's on eBay or Aliexpress. I have never-ending wishlists on both, and I keep adding stuff all the time. I love how cheap the stuff on these sites are. 

Monday, 7 April 2014

New purchases.

I ordered some stuff on eBay and aliexpress and I keep waiting for them to arrive.. Yesterday I got the buttoned up shirt I ordered, it's a bit small on the chest but I love it., 

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Ni men hao (hello everyone in Chinese).         I work at the university and few weeks ago some Chinese teacher came from China to teach the students Chinese, they're actually gonna have Chinese tests.. Anyway I saw an announcement that the university opens a Chinese class for the employers as well so obviously I wanted to join and let me tell you that.. It's an hard language to learn. They have many letters that are so difficult to pronounce. But it's really interesting and fun to try and learn it. So I'll keep trying. :)  Chen ~  

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nail polish

I love trying new stuff on my nails, always changing the way they look.. I saw on eBay some nail polish stickers I wanna buy, it'd be great for a clumsy girl like me. Every time I apply nail polish my whole hand got to be involved. I tried that trend when you apply one colour on all of your nails except one and that one you apply some sparkley nail polish..

 It looks more sparkley in person.               I'll let you know when I buy those stickers.          ~Chen.

Monday, 3 March 2014


I'm after a workout so my toes feels like it's gonna break, I don't even know what my toes has to do with that but it's the only 'muscle' that hurts at the moment. lol

Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday, he'll be 24 years old. I think he's actually excited about it even though he's trying to hide it. But I know him well enough. :) 
It's so hard to buy guys a gift, I mean, what the hell do they even need.. I always buy him perfumes.But he has enough already so I had to change this time. 
So I bought him 3 shirts. 2 regular short ones from Renuar and Pull & Bear and button up one from Pull & Bear, to be honest I'd wear it myself if it was my size. I also bought him a gift set with after shave and deodorant in it, smells really good. I added a little birthday card and few drawings that reminds me of him. I really hope he'd like it. :) 
I'll update in few days with pictures of the gifts.                                              
                                                      Any gift ideas for guys?

Friday, 28 February 2014

New Start + 1Item review.

Hey, my name is Chen, and I finally decided to open a fashion blog after long time that I want. I don't really know how to do that but I won't know if I won't try, hm? I'll try to update as much as possible so that blog would grow and achieve what I want it to achieve. I speak Hebrew but my blog would be in English so I can get to many people all around the world. So I'm sorry in advance if I have some grammar errors here and there. c:

The first post would be in hebrew only because it's kind of review on an israeli website that sale cheap clothes and accessorize.

אתמול קיבלתי חבילה מ1item בדואר אז החלטתי לעשות להם מן rewiew כזה.~
לא מזמן נתקלתי באתר בשם 1item שמוכר בגדים ואקססוריז עם שמות מצחיקים עד 100 ש"ח. אבל לא תכננתי להזמין ממנו כי הייתי בטוחה שגם שם לא מקבלים את הדיירקט המסכן שלי כמו רוב אתרי הקניות אונליין. יום אחד החלטתי לבדוק את האתר יותר לעומק וגיליתי שיש אפשרות לשלם בטלפון אפילו עם הכרטיס שלי. מיד קפצתי על הגילוי (גם היו מבצעים.. חחח) והזמנתי טבעת מהממת (טבעת פירמידה), מכנס בורדו שיושב מדהים על הגוף (מכנס אהבה שלי בלב) וסווטשירט קרופ טופ עם פתחים בכתפיים מבד ממש דקיק ונעים (סווטשירט אחת המעריצות). זה הגיע בדואר תוך שבוע בדיוק מיום ההזמנה. 3 פריטים ב103 ש"ח כולל משלוח. איפה עוד אפשר למצוא דבר כזה בארץ?!

הטבעת המהממת (טבעת פירמידה).
הסווטשירט (סווטשירט אחת המעריצות).
רציתי להראות כמה הוא קצר.. 
וזה המכנס, זה מן מכנס טייץ כזה ממש ממש גבוה.
(לא לשים לב לנעלי בית חחח).
I need to find a normal place to shoot at, my room is too small.
Comment and tell me what I can improve or what I can write about..