Monday, 3 March 2014


I'm after a workout so my toes feels like it's gonna break, I don't even know what my toes has to do with that but it's the only 'muscle' that hurts at the moment. lol

Tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday, he'll be 24 years old. I think he's actually excited about it even though he's trying to hide it. But I know him well enough. :) 
It's so hard to buy guys a gift, I mean, what the hell do they even need.. I always buy him perfumes.But he has enough already so I had to change this time. 
So I bought him 3 shirts. 2 regular short ones from Renuar and Pull & Bear and button up one from Pull & Bear, to be honest I'd wear it myself if it was my size. I also bought him a gift set with after shave and deodorant in it, smells really good. I added a little birthday card and few drawings that reminds me of him. I really hope he'd like it. :) 
I'll update in few days with pictures of the gifts.                                              
                                                      Any gift ideas for guys?

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